Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preschool Update

For those of you keeping up with our Preschool drama, here's an update!  We actually had our first Parent-Teacher Conference this week, and though the kids have only been in school about three weeks, their teachers touched base with me on the strengths and weaknesses they've seen thus far, and we discussed educational goals.

I really like both of their teachers.  They listen to what I have to say and actually seem to care about what I want the kids to learn.

Sam's teacher said that as he's getting more comfortable with the routine and everyone there, he's developing really quickly.  She said for only being there (then) two and a half weeks he's making really fast progress.  He's still obviously behind, but he can accept redirection and is starting to interact socially.

Jubee's teacher said pretty similar things about her, she even described Jubee as "mostly cooperative."  I asked if she was talking about a different Jubilee, because the Jubilee I know is never cooperative.  Haha.

I can already tell a difference in their level of communication at home.  They have a better vocabulary, and the words they do say are clearer.  In fact, we've even been able to have a conversation of sorts, a back and forth exchange of ideas.  That's never happened before, not until about a week ago.  I don't know if it's the higher level of communication or the fact that I get a break a few hours most days, but I can honestly say this is one of my favorite "phases" of their development.  Probably because they finally seem to be getting out of the baby "phase," which, for them, was a very, very long phase of me always having to guess what they wanted and needed.

I think, despite my initial panic, this preschool thing was for the best.  I'm feeling pretty good, and both of their teachers described them as being "happy" kids.

I was also a little worried about what they might pick up in school, but the worst thing Jubee's said so far is "suck it up," which I can be pretty certain came from me.  Uh-oh.

Our first non-traumatic family board game experience, c. yesterday

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  1. aww this is great! I'm so happy that they are improving and that it's been a good thing. I honestly can't wait to have Ezra in some sort of regular preschool. :)