Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sammy's Clear Word

A few days ago, my sister Katie made homemade yogurt. There are whole quarts of it in our fridge, unflavored, unsweetened. I've been feeding the babies small amounts with applesauce and what have you, but it's going slooooowly. This morning Katie decided to flavor some. She put it in a blender with some bananas, apples, frozen blueberries, and LOTS of spinach. Yeah, that's what I thought too. Anyway, the result was a more of a smoothie consistency than yogurt consistency, but tasty, if you like yogurt. Sammy does.

He ate two huge bowls full for breakfast, and ignored his homemade granola bar (Katie was a busy lady this morning). Then he drank a HUGE amount with a straw (I didn't want to clean him up again) for lunch, and ignored his pizza. If I didn't have such a hard time getting veggies in him, I'd stop him (I'm thinking about some interesting diapers in his immediate future), but as it is, I'll let him eat that for a few meals.

The funny thing was, at breakfast this morning, he said the clearest word I've ever heard him say. I was in the kitchen, watching him stuff his face. He got all the yogurt out of the bowl he could with a spoon, and then dipped his fingers in and licked his fingers. When he couldn't get anymore out by that method, he lifted the bowl to his mouth and licked it clean. Finally, when there was nothing left to get, he set his bowl down, his face covered in purplish-blue yogurt, dripping down his chin, covering the front of his shirt and pooling into his lap. He smiled a huge purplish-blue grin, and said, "yum."

Well, at least he's learning to express himself.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just one problem

I'm having a GREAT morning. The babies didn't wake up until 9am! They are usually up by 7:30...I feel blessed if I get to sleep until 8. But 9am! I haven't slept this late since before Cam left, and it feels good. So then we got up and ate...Jubee had a bottle and Sammy and I had zucchini and onions in scrambled eggs on corn tortillas with cheese and salsa. While I was cooking, I was also brewing a pot of coffee...mmm...warm, delicious coffee. Happy happy joy joy. And then my world came crashing down. No half&half! What was I thinking yesterday? So, I reached in for some milk. No milk! I crashed to my knees, arms raised toward heaven, and bellowed "Nnnnooooooooooooo...!!!" Okay, I didn't really do that. But I was a little disappointed. So I had to use evaporated milk. It's okay, I'll survive. Maybe.

I'm a little worried because today is my first drawing class. I'm teaching drawing to a couple of very talented homeschooled teenagers. My mom is going to babysit, so I think it'll be fun. Or stressful. Whichever. Anyway, I'm excited about it.

The biggest problem so far...typing maniac on Facebook isn't working. Nnnnoooooooooooo....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drama Kids

So the funniest thing Sammy has done to date occurred today.

Our friends came over and brought a hand-me-down little plastic basketball hoop. After they left, and he had his nap, we went outside to play with it. He intuitively knew to put the ball into the hoop, but pretty much used the "slam dunk" method exclusively. I tried to show him how to throw the ball at it, but he didn't get it. Afterward, we went in the house, and I decided to turn High School Musical 3 on Netflix Instant Watch, because I remembered that there was basketball playing in it.

Sammy stood in front of the tv and watched the HSM crew sing and dance and play basketball. I was gonna turn off the tv after the first scene with the basketball, but he seemed so enthralled, I left it on. Towards, the end of the movie, an angstful Troy Bolton, upset about having too many choices in life, sings an angstful song, where the room spins and he dramatically throws himself about it.

Sammy watched 2/3rds of the song, and then, little todder-sized basketball in hand, dramatically threw himself to the floor and rolled around, Troy Bolton style.

I guess the end result is that Sammy might not have learned to play basketball from HSM3...but did learn something. I'm not sure I like this development.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cream of Wheat

So with the chill in the air, I decided to make Cream of Wheat for breakfast this morning. Here are my morning observations that I will so graciously and humbly share with you.

1. If you put fruit in your Cream of Wheat, which I do, because it is amazing, cut up the fruit and then put it in the bottom of your bowl, and then pour or spoon the hot cereal over it. Doing this instead of adding it to the pot will ensure that while still warmed, it will still have the flavor and texture of fruit, instead of being a slimy goop throughout your cereal. Delicious!

2. Sammy eats Cream of Wheat like the Beast in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."
Yup, that was him this morning. And while that SEEMS like a normal mom breakfast mess to clean, Cream of Wheat is also grainy and dries to a nearly concrete-like consistency. Ugh.

3. Singing is hard with your mouth full of Cream of Wheat. While thinking about how much Sammy looked the Beast, I started to sing "Something There," and did NOT do a good job. It's just hard to move your mouth around something that goopy and sticky. The good news is, I still do remember all the words to the song!

Now, don't you feel lucky to know all that about me?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I dunno about you guys, but...

I am SO ready for fall! It's been beautiful here, very cool for a MO August, and our house feels perfect, with just the windows down. There's something so calming about a slightly chilly house, sitting on a comfy chair or couch, and drinking coffee slowly in the mornings. It's so perfect, pretty much my favorite thing. Of course, the 6 month old rolling around the floor squealing, and the 20 month old shrieking and running around her does harsh my mellow somewhat. It's still a good morning.

What is that smell? Ugh, hold on a sec...okay I'm back. How did Sammy get undigested bananas IN his diaper? Oh well, that's a question for another day. Now where was I?

Oh yeah, morning. And fall. And happiness. Another good thing about the year progressing is the return of my hubsy wubsy (don't tell him I called him that, he thinks that's just reserved for our alone times). Yeah, only a few short (:-/) months left, and he'll be home, and our little family unit will be complete again. Yup, it's the American Dream, a mommy, a daddy, 2 kids, a white story and a half with no white picket fence, no dog.

But we are quickly approaching my favorite time of the year...fall! We are going to be BUSY month is a friend's wedding and my sister's birthday, and we are going to try and schedule a shopping time in KC for her birthday, which will be fun. We are going to meet my friend Molly there, too, because it's HER birthday, too, and we are all going to Cheesecake Factory! Yay!

I wonder how soon they will start coming out with fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas themed snack cakes and cookies? Hubs is a sucker for that sort of thing, and he'd love them in his care packages! That's what makes him feel fall-y, too!

Alright, I'm outie! We're gonna walk around the block or three!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rachael Ray I ain't

So, our friends, James and Aja, and their three kids came over for dinner tonight. Last time we got together, Aja brought the food and it was tasty and good and not burnt or weird tasting at all. I volunteered to make the food this time thinking, "well, I usually can turn out an edible meal."

My sister Katie and I decided to make pizza, but made two major mistakes. The first mistake was hers. I was going to make a homemade crust but she said she knew of a pre-made that was really good, so we went to get it at the store. They didn't have it, so we picked up something else instead. It looked and tasted like cardboard.

The second mistake was mine. For some reason, I decided that goat cheese would be really good on pizza. It isn't. It tastes like feet.

Beyond that, our oven bakes a little hot, apparently. 6 minutes into a 10 minute long bake, it turned into cajun-blackened pizza.

You know when you leave a shoe store with new shoes, you sometimes put the old shoes in the box so you can walk out of the store with the new shoes? Well, my pizza tasted like I brought home that box and lit it on fire. Yum.

Well, long story not so short, Katie and Gabe went to Wally World and picked up a summer sausage, some cheese, bread, and grapes. It was okay. I'll just eat bread and cheese and pre-cooked meat for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My life so far

We've all seen it, the Disney-type live action movies where a small child is pitted against some hardened criminals for some reason (think Home Alone), and his/her only response is to booby trap the house/tree house/backyard/construction site/Central Park in order to escape or teach the criminals a lesson.

There's a specific scene where the criminal opens a door and a hammer swings down and hits him in the face, or something to that effect, or they start to go up stairs and little marbles come pouring down, causing him to fall on his face. That happened to me today.

I was feeding Jubee and my sister came downstairs, leaving the door cracked open. Sammy sees his opening and darts upstairs, while I, innocently, feed the baby in the next room assuming that Sammy is watching Pocoyo. But then I hear tiny fast little pattering coming from upstairs, yeah, Sammy sounds like a cross between mice and an elephant. So, leaving the baby with my sister, I open the door to go up the stairs...


...I stand horrified, mouth agape, as a ball bounces down the stairs and hits me in the head. Sammy stands at the top of the stairs giggling. Yeah, I'm Joe Pesci and Sammy is McCallay Culkin.

This is a positive evolution of our mother/son relationship, right?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Dino Veritas

Yup, so I'm sitting on the couch, on AIM with my sweet hubs, and watching a Sliders episode with my sister and bro-in-law. Cam and I are IMing about the X-Files. And I'm watching a Sliders episode. About dinosaurs. In an alternate universe.

I'm on nerd-overload.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I love mornings. Most mornings anyway. We sit around, eat breakfast at our leisure, watch some inane cartoon, Sammy climbs on the couch (usually in a pretty dangerous manner).

We play. Jubee is starting to eat breakfast with me and Sam, so now I'm cleaning up TWO kids covered in bananas every morning. Nice.

Today, my 11-year-old sister Ruth is over and we are gonna have a Potty Training Day. Now, I know Sammy is too young to "get" it, but we are gonna get him used to the idea by putting him on the potty every 20-30 minutes. If he goes in the potty, we'll give him a treat (I think we have marshmallows). I think this'll be fun, he likes his cheap froggy potty.

All-in-all, lazy mornings and good breakfasts and coffee and messes and lovely wonderful babies make for the beginning of good days! Now, if daddy would just get home....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glass and Blood

Well, tonight was exciting!

We had my favorite dinner, pretty much...a good loaf of bread, nice cheese, cold chicken, lots of grapes, and the babies and my sister Katie and brother-in-law Gabe and I sat on a sheet on the living room floor and had a picnic while we watched a movie. We NEVER do that...Sammy was confused, he tried to go into the kitchen to climb into his high chair by himself. Then he just ran around stealing all the grapes off everyone else's plates.

It was very nice until Katie accidentally left her glass when Sammy could get to it. I knew if I demanded it or ran across the room to get it from him, he would throw it or run with it or something else dangerous, so I just said nicely, "Sammy, please give that to Mommy." He still thought it was a game, so he ran with it...straight into a wall. Yup, glass everywhere! So I grabbed him quickly, put him on the couch with my sister, and started picking up pieces of glass. Sammy was giggling at me, so I went to him and said firmly, "you give mommy the glass when she asks," or something to that effect, and I swatted his hand gently. Then I realized there was blood everywhere, and freaked out a bit. Anyway, long story not quite so short, a few small cuts, no real damage, except some stains on Sammy's cute PJ shorts. He also does NOT like band-aids, not even the cute Curious George ones I bought. I had to keep him in the bathtub till he stopped bleeding.

It all sounds really stressful, but it wasn't too bad, mostly because Sammy is pretty cute, even when he's being a stinker butt. He didn't cry once, and made bloody handprints in the tub ON PURPOSE. Stinker butt.

Teaching goal for tomorrow: Obedience. Got any tips?

P.S. This automatic spell checker has had a conniption with my plurals. Who's wrong? I dunno, and I don't really care.

I'm a Blogger!

I had an epiphany last night.

Someone sent me the link to a blog on Facebook, so I read it. Up until this point I had assumed that blogs were rants about how awful your day was dealing with your snotty kids. Don't get me wrong, I could totally do that, but who would want to read it? No one, that's who. I wouldn't even want to read about it, and they are MY snotty kids. But this blog, the one linked to me last night made me realize that good blogs were not rants, they were a written form of stand-up comedy. Suddenly a new world opened up to me. I realized that all of my friend's blogs that I followed were quirky and funny and even when they had a serious post, it was okay, it was just a break in the fun, not an angstful standard. "I can do that," I said to myself, and here I am.

The funny thing is, I typed in the only blog site I knew and I already had a profile set up...last use dated to April 2008. Huh.

So, you're thinking about following my blog? Well, there are a few things you should know, in no particular order...

1. I am a SLACKER mom, but "slacker mom blog" had already been taken. It's worse than you could imagine.

2. I am a BUSY mom. It has taken me over an hour so far to type this little bit, even though I type 75+ wpm. While I've been typing, I've also been cleaning up breakfast dishes, changing dirty diapers, and putting my 6-month old down for a nap. My 20-month old son is currently trying to figure out a way to wedge himself between the couch and wall, and will probably succeed fairly soon. Nope, he was able to climb onto the back of the couch, and stand on a window sill, where he is hanging from the top of the bottom pane. And now has thrown himself onto the couch. Well, the couch may not survive, but he will, so it's okay.

3. I LOVE Jesus. I will talk about it, and it will probably annoy you if you don't dig that sort of thing. By love, I don't mean that I listen to Christian radio occasionally, and I've never seen "Fireproof" or read "The Shack" but Jesus is pretty much the most important thing in my life, superseding even my relationships with my husband and children.

4. My husband is in the Army, and deployed to Afghanistan. Yup, so I'm an Army Wife.

5. It's been about 4 years since I graduated college, so my grammar and spelling might not be up to par on occasion. Sorry.

Let me break it down for you. I'm a Bible-thumping stay-at-home mom and Army wife. I could not be more of a conservative stereotype, but I hope I don't seem that way.

Uh, oh, better go, Sammy is eating the Pokey Little Puppy book.