Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drama Kids

So the funniest thing Sammy has done to date occurred today.

Our friends came over and brought a hand-me-down little plastic basketball hoop. After they left, and he had his nap, we went outside to play with it. He intuitively knew to put the ball into the hoop, but pretty much used the "slam dunk" method exclusively. I tried to show him how to throw the ball at it, but he didn't get it. Afterward, we went in the house, and I decided to turn High School Musical 3 on Netflix Instant Watch, because I remembered that there was basketball playing in it.

Sammy stood in front of the tv and watched the HSM crew sing and dance and play basketball. I was gonna turn off the tv after the first scene with the basketball, but he seemed so enthralled, I left it on. Towards, the end of the movie, an angstful Troy Bolton, upset about having too many choices in life, sings an angstful song, where the room spins and he dramatically throws himself about it.

Sammy watched 2/3rds of the song, and then, little todder-sized basketball in hand, dramatically threw himself to the floor and rolled around, Troy Bolton style.

I guess the end result is that Sammy might not have learned to play basketball from HSM3...but did learn something. I'm not sure I like this development.

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