Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cream of Wheat

So with the chill in the air, I decided to make Cream of Wheat for breakfast this morning. Here are my morning observations that I will so graciously and humbly share with you.

1. If you put fruit in your Cream of Wheat, which I do, because it is amazing, cut up the fruit and then put it in the bottom of your bowl, and then pour or spoon the hot cereal over it. Doing this instead of adding it to the pot will ensure that while still warmed, it will still have the flavor and texture of fruit, instead of being a slimy goop throughout your cereal. Delicious!

2. Sammy eats Cream of Wheat like the Beast in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."
Yup, that was him this morning. And while that SEEMS like a normal mom breakfast mess to clean, Cream of Wheat is also grainy and dries to a nearly concrete-like consistency. Ugh.

3. Singing is hard with your mouth full of Cream of Wheat. While thinking about how much Sammy looked the Beast, I started to sing "Something There," and did NOT do a good job. It's just hard to move your mouth around something that goopy and sticky. The good news is, I still do remember all the words to the song!

Now, don't you feel lucky to know all that about me?

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