Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I dunno about you guys, but...

I am SO ready for fall! It's been beautiful here, very cool for a MO August, and our house feels perfect, with just the windows down. There's something so calming about a slightly chilly house, sitting on a comfy chair or couch, and drinking coffee slowly in the mornings. It's so perfect, pretty much my favorite thing. Of course, the 6 month old rolling around the floor squealing, and the 20 month old shrieking and running around her does harsh my mellow somewhat. It's still a good morning.

What is that smell? Ugh, hold on a sec...okay I'm back. How did Sammy get undigested bananas IN his diaper? Oh well, that's a question for another day. Now where was I?

Oh yeah, morning. And fall. And happiness. Another good thing about the year progressing is the return of my hubsy wubsy (don't tell him I called him that, he thinks that's just reserved for our alone times). Yeah, only a few short (:-/) months left, and he'll be home, and our little family unit will be complete again. Yup, it's the American Dream, a mommy, a daddy, 2 kids, a white story and a half with no white picket fence, no dog.

But we are quickly approaching my favorite time of the year...fall! We are going to be BUSY too...next month is a friend's wedding and my sister's birthday, and we are going to try and schedule a shopping time in KC for her birthday, which will be fun. We are going to meet my friend Molly there, too, because it's HER birthday, too, and we are all going to Cheesecake Factory! Yay!

I wonder how soon they will start coming out with fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas themed snack cakes and cookies? Hubs is a sucker for that sort of thing, and he'd love them in his care packages! That's what makes him feel fall-y, too!

Alright, I'm outie! We're gonna walk around the block or three!

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