Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My life so far

We've all seen it, the Disney-type live action movies where a small child is pitted against some hardened criminals for some reason (think Home Alone), and his/her only response is to booby trap the house/tree house/backyard/construction site/Central Park in order to escape or teach the criminals a lesson.

There's a specific scene where the criminal opens a door and a hammer swings down and hits him in the face, or something to that effect, or they start to go up stairs and little marbles come pouring down, causing him to fall on his face. That happened to me today.

I was feeding Jubee and my sister came downstairs, leaving the door cracked open. Sammy sees his opening and darts upstairs, while I, innocently, feed the baby in the next room assuming that Sammy is watching Pocoyo. But then I hear tiny fast little pattering coming from upstairs, yeah, Sammy sounds like a cross between mice and an elephant. So, leaving the baby with my sister, I open the door to go up the stairs...


...I stand horrified, mouth agape, as a ball bounces down the stairs and hits me in the head. Sammy stands at the top of the stairs giggling. Yeah, I'm Joe Pesci and Sammy is McCallay Culkin.

This is a positive evolution of our mother/son relationship, right?


  1. well at least it was just a ball and not, say, something sharp?