Thursday, August 13, 2009


I love mornings. Most mornings anyway. We sit around, eat breakfast at our leisure, watch some inane cartoon, Sammy climbs on the couch (usually in a pretty dangerous manner).

We play. Jubee is starting to eat breakfast with me and Sam, so now I'm cleaning up TWO kids covered in bananas every morning. Nice.

Today, my 11-year-old sister Ruth is over and we are gonna have a Potty Training Day. Now, I know Sammy is too young to "get" it, but we are gonna get him used to the idea by putting him on the potty every 20-30 minutes. If he goes in the potty, we'll give him a treat (I think we have marshmallows). I think this'll be fun, he likes his cheap froggy potty.

All-in-all, lazy mornings and good breakfasts and coffee and messes and lovely wonderful babies make for the beginning of good days! Now, if daddy would just get home....


  1. They are getting so big! Too Cute!!

  2. ah look at them. growing up. and growing right into their names it looks like! good luck with the potty training!