Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Glass and Blood

Well, tonight was exciting!

We had my favorite dinner, pretty much...a good loaf of bread, nice cheese, cold chicken, lots of grapes, and the babies and my sister Katie and brother-in-law Gabe and I sat on a sheet on the living room floor and had a picnic while we watched a movie. We NEVER do that...Sammy was confused, he tried to go into the kitchen to climb into his high chair by himself. Then he just ran around stealing all the grapes off everyone else's plates.

It was very nice until Katie accidentally left her glass when Sammy could get to it. I knew if I demanded it or ran across the room to get it from him, he would throw it or run with it or something else dangerous, so I just said nicely, "Sammy, please give that to Mommy." He still thought it was a game, so he ran with it...straight into a wall. Yup, glass everywhere! So I grabbed him quickly, put him on the couch with my sister, and started picking up pieces of glass. Sammy was giggling at me, so I went to him and said firmly, "you give mommy the glass when she asks," or something to that effect, and I swatted his hand gently. Then I realized there was blood everywhere, and freaked out a bit. Anyway, long story not quite so short, a few small cuts, no real damage, except some stains on Sammy's cute PJ shorts. He also does NOT like band-aids, not even the cute Curious George ones I bought. I had to keep him in the bathtub till he stopped bleeding.

It all sounds really stressful, but it wasn't too bad, mostly because Sammy is pretty cute, even when he's being a stinker butt. He didn't cry once, and made bloody handprints in the tub ON PURPOSE. Stinker butt.

Teaching goal for tomorrow: Obedience. Got any tips?

P.S. This automatic spell checker has had a conniption with my plurals. Who's wrong? I dunno, and I don't really care.

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