Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rachael Ray I ain't

So, our friends, James and Aja, and their three kids came over for dinner tonight. Last time we got together, Aja brought the food and it was tasty and good and not burnt or weird tasting at all. I volunteered to make the food this time thinking, "well, I usually can turn out an edible meal."

My sister Katie and I decided to make pizza, but made two major mistakes. The first mistake was hers. I was going to make a homemade crust but she said she knew of a pre-made that was really good, so we went to get it at the store. They didn't have it, so we picked up something else instead. It looked and tasted like cardboard.

The second mistake was mine. For some reason, I decided that goat cheese would be really good on pizza. It isn't. It tastes like feet.

Beyond that, our oven bakes a little hot, apparently. 6 minutes into a 10 minute long bake, it turned into cajun-blackened pizza.

You know when you leave a shoe store with new shoes, you sometimes put the old shoes in the box so you can walk out of the store with the new shoes? Well, my pizza tasted like I brought home that box and lit it on fire. Yum.

Well, long story not so short, Katie and Gabe went to Wally World and picked up a summer sausage, some cheese, bread, and grapes. It was okay. I'll just eat bread and cheese and pre-cooked meat for the rest of my life.

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