Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Day at the Park

Last week, Jubee and I were in Arkansas visiting my grandparents, along with my mother and sisters. My grandma had a (dangerous) playground a few blocks away, so we went for a slide and a swing.

This is my preggo sis and my baby Jubee, swinging away.

This is Mom, hamming it up for the baby. She's pretending to be kicked in the face and Jubee laughs. It's to teach her to be well-adjusted :-/

This is my sister Ruthie.

This is my sister Katie.

This is Katie hanging from the monkey bars. We learned something new this trip: Pregnant ladies shouldn't hang from monkey bars.

I won't show you the pic of Jubee at the ER after she fell off the bridge on the playset.

I changed my mind. Here it is. She's fine.

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