Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This Resurrection Day Eve (hey, that's a mouthful) we shared Communion with some of our friends. By Communion, I mean we shared a meal and friendship and fellowship, but we also did the bread and wine thing, too.

Before dinner, though, we did an Easter egg hunt...I thought I'd share some of the pictures my friend Aja took. Sorry, saving these pictures off Facebook and then uploading them on here doesn't really do them justice.

I love Jubee's glare in this picture. Don't you take my pink eggs!

A mouthful of Jelly Beans.

Sammy loves to ham it up for the camera...I think we should've named him Hammy instead.

Apparently, the secret to good pictures is candy. Why didn't I think of that?


  1. I love Jubees haircut! It looks great on her! Those are some super cute kiddos you got there Carly! :)

  2. Ohmigosh....she has gotten so big. I think she looks a lot like Ruthie...but then again I did't know you when you where that little.