Monday, June 13, 2011

Jubilee is still here

In the debacle that is potty training, I have been getting complaints that I am neglecting to post pictures or updates of my Jubilee.  Okay, so here are some Jubee pics, to satiate even the most rabid Grandma.

Jubee in the pool.  With a hat on.  Don't ask me what was going on, I'm just the mom.

Again, pool, diaper, hat.  Yeah.  Classy, Jubee.  It's a good thing you are super cute.

Pretty much my favorite picture of anything in the history of ever.

Yes, that IS dirt in her eye.  And all over her face.  And all over, well, everything.

Laying in the back of the travel trailer.  It's a good place for a nap.  
Isn't she a doll, though?

I'm pretty sure these dinosaurs are reenacting "the first kiss" scene 
from Gnomeo and Juliette.  Really, Jubee?  Dinosaurs?  Kissing?


  1. Would you rather she was making them kiss? She is so your mini me! (lol)
    P.S. I get complaints like that all the time, "Why don't you ever post picks of Monkey anymore?" My answer, "Because he hides when he thinks I'm taking his photo!" Which is the truth!
    But Jubilee is so beautiful and these are awesome shots!

  2. I think she looks just like you and completely adorable!