Saturday, January 12, 2013

Whole30 Update

I am officially a week and a half into a Whole30.

No matter how often I read that feeling crappy while detoxing or dieting is "normal" and you should work through the pain, I still can't escape the feeling that if you're feeling awful physically and emotionally you should do something to remedy it.  Eat a cookie or something, especially if you're a mom of small children.  As a result, I was very hesitant starting this.  I'd rather be a little chubby than spend any time miserable on purpose, that's the long and the short of it.  But, I really was getting to the point where something needed to change, and this was the step I decided to take.  I'm pleased to inform everyone that I haven't had any emotional or physical problems (and I'm past the time when they should've started).  I haven't had any sugar "crash" or horrible cravings or anything that I was afraid of happening.  Which seems a pretty good indication that this is actually a healthy diet, unlike things like no carbs or no fat or drinking nothing but apple cider vinegar for a week, I actually feel really good right now.

One of the big rules of the Whole30 is NO WEIGH INS for the whole month.  Because it's a diet primarily to get healthier and wean ourselves off of toxic foods and sugar, fat loss shouldn't be the goal.  The lack of a scale allows us to focus on the other positives the diet is doing for us, and it really works. I notice my clothes fitting looser (hubs told me he thought my clothes were getting stretched out or something, because they were looking too baggy, haha, thanks a lot hubs).  My mom (who is also doing it) cheated and weighed herself.  She's lost 7lbs so far.  Because of my mom's bad example (tisk tisk, mom), I cheated and weighed myself, too, I've lost 5lbs.  Not too shabby, enough that I'm encouraged, not so much that it's unhealthy or hard to maintain.

I also have a LOT of energy, which is good and bad.  My house has never been cleaner, but I don't have a lot of patience sitting down writing blogs or watching a movie with my husband, I always feel like I need to be doing something.

My face is clearer than it's been since we moved to Wyoming.  I don't know what it is, I assume it's the lack of humidity, but my face has been broken out since we moved here.  Now, though, it's completely clear.  Which is super nice.

Plus, I'm learning quickly how to NOT be a stress eater.  There have been parts of this week where normally I would've turned to a brownie or a cheeseburger to destress, but I didn't.  And the desire is going away, noticeably.

My mom's favorite part of this diet is that food actually starts to taste better.  When you aren't eating sugar, you really begin to notice the natural sweetness of a lot of different vegetables and even meats.  Fruit becomes satisfying.  Food also becomes more deliberate, I don't find myself absent-mindedly snacking anymore.  It's nice, though meal planning takes a little more forethought, and it's nearly impossible to get take-out.

Anyway, that's my 1/3 done update.  The end.


  1. This is great. Im working on cutting back sugar and I'm still sort of undecided about how my body is handling sprouted grains. I think I've overdone it a little lately with the weather, toast has just sounded so much better than salad. I think I may need to back off of those more again. But it could just be the flu talking because I have felt crappy all week.

    Lost the 3 pounds I gained over Christmas though so I'm happy.

    1. When I'm sick, I want to eat nothing but simple carbs, crackers, toast, whatever. For true.

  2. Share your recipes please. Do you cook with things . like coconut oil and organic meat? I
    can't afford that stuff and so would have to modify some.

    1. I do use a lot of unrefined coconut oil (which I can get at Whole Foods or Natural Grocers for $5-7/jar, not too expensive) but I don't really buy organic meat, unless it's on sale for a comparable price. I do get my meat from a local butcher who sells it hormone-free and vegetarian fed, which is a little more expensive than, say, Walmart, but honestly, I don't think I could choke down Walmart meat anymore. I use olive oil and clarified butter and coconut oil for my cooking. The thing is, I'm actually spending LESS this month on groceries than I have the past few months...we've always bought a lot of meat and produce, but since I've cut out a good percentage of dairy and pantry items (I do keep some on hand for the kids), I've been saving enough money to splurge on nicer cuts of meat or some nuts.

      I have a lot the recipes I've used on my food board on Pinterest, but, honestly, I find the meals I enjoy most are just regular recipes that I always I've modified, meatballs, fajitas, things like that.