Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Potty Training mid-week update

This was not an ideal week to potty train.  Everyone in the house has a cold, except me, I have had some horrendous allergy attacks.  Ugh.  But we are persevering...potty training won't beat me this time!

I read somewhere that tv is terrible during potty training, because they forget what they are doing and just "go."  So we have been trying to find things to do around the house in this horrible looking at the horrible weather.

Sammy has been playing with a lot of blocks.

Yesterday, we went to Columbia to see Ruthie's program for her Bible Study thingy she does.  

Sammy got to wear a pull-up instead of undies (yeah, I might be a slacker mom, but I know my limitations).  He did "go" on a public potty at the church we were at, but also "went" in his pull-up.  That's pretty much how potty training is going overall, the amount of accidents and potty "goes" are breaking even.

I went to sleep with my whole face swollen from allergies, so I slept in late.  Well, I didn't "sleep" as much as was unable to open my eyes.  My husband came into the bedroom and said, "hey, honey, when do you want to get up?"  "Ugh," I moaned, "8?"  "Then consider this your wake up call, 30 minutes late."  I really need to get a move on and get some undies on Sam.  He's getting the wrong idea this very second.

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  1. Update: it's hard to potty train when it's storming and there's a tornado warning.