Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Bear Hunt

Did you guys hear about this?  "The governor of Wyoming wants the feds to take grizzly bears off their endangered list, a move that could open the door to hunting the fearsome animals, which have been blamed for at least four fatal attacks in the last two years in and around Yellowstone National Park."

In light of this news, yesterday we did what any self-respecting omnivore family would do...we went on a bear hunt.

This is my sister Ruthie, looking around for the bear:

These are my kids, trying to be quick but stealthy:

This is picnic time on the rocks, because bear hunting is exhausting work.  See, I told you were were omnivores, we may be hunting bears but we are eating apricots and plums:

This is the kids interrogating a "cap-a-pee-yer:"  He didn't know anything.

This is Ruthie and Sam trying to decide if they could climb that rock, you know, for a better vantage point:

We weren't finding any bears, so we stopped to take pictures.  This is me with the kids:

This is a little Sam on some big rocks:

This is Ruthie with the kids:

This is the sky (thanks, Captain Obvious):

It wasn't until we got home and a few hours later (after nap time) we finally got the bear.  But we got 'im.  Phew, what a relief.