Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day and an Unbirthday Party

 I don't know if everyone knows this about me, but I love to celebrate.  Anything.  Birthdays, weddings, babies, holidays, everything, but when you live in Wyoming and only know the few people in your household, sometimes you have to make do with, and make up, celebrations.  That's what we did this weekend.  I bought the kids a present apiece, and made a chocolate cake, and we partied hardy.

Plus, "yay, it's our unbirthday party, here's chocolate cake!" sounds better than, "yay, mommy is PMSing, here's chocolate cake!"

To be honest, there wasn't a whole lot of enthusiasm, everyone was feeling slightly icky all weekend.  It's hard having a peppy momma forcing you to do stuff when all you want to do is sit around and play Donkey Kong.

Though life did improve with a bellyful of cake and present opening.

Afterwards, Sammy and I had an epic water gun fight.  I won, but don't tell Sam, he thinks he won.

The next day was Father's Day.  We got Cam a Whirley Pop and a new wireless mouse, but I accidentally had them shipped to our old house in MO, so he won't get them for a few weeks yet.  Sorry, honey.

Cam asked for blueberry and bacon pancakes for breakfast.  It was brilliant.

Then, he asked for steak and fettuccine alfredo and roasted asparagus for dinner.  That was pretty amazing, too.  I made the sauce from scratch.  I mean, no biggie, I'm just awesome.

It may have been slightly caloric.  This is actually my seems excessive, but I cut over half of that steak off to feed the kids.  That's my excuse.

This is actually going to be a pretty busy few weeks, it's the last few days of my sister being here, and next week my other sister is visiting with her husband and my perfect niece.

I'm gonna squish her and hug her and let her drink out of my straw cup all day long.

After that, I'm hitching a ride back with them, and finally getting my stuff from MO.  It's going to be nice to have stuff again.  When you live in a place where leavening doesn't work consistently, you gotta start making pies, is all I gotta say.  All my pie plates are in MO, along with my freezer and favorite lamp and bicycles and weed eater and bread box.  It's a wonder I've survived this long, right?

Anyway, long story short, I may be a little inconsistant blogging for the next few weeks.  Don't worry, I still love you.


  1. i loved this post and all the pictures! :)

  2. haha..I bought cupcakes this weekend and as we ate them after dinner my kids where yelling "happy birthday!" Needless to say, we don't have any birthdays this month. I just wanted cupcakes without making a mess of the kitchen. So I'm a lazy non-baking parent and my kiddos equate cupcakes to birthdays. I'm glad you celebrated a non-birthday this weekend as well.