Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Aftermath

Well, the move is over, and I am exhausted.  Here is proof, my arm and head under a pillow...Sam took this picture with my phone after I refused to get up this morning:

He really knows how to get me moving.  "Samuel Danger, get back here with that!"  FYI...it's hard to take your mom seriously when she stops yelling at you to giggle over your full name.  "Jubilee Kate" isn't much better, really, entirely too cute.

Okay, so nearly every afternoon the last week these huge stormy clouds have blown across.  It looks scary stormy, but it just sprinkles for a minute and blows over.  It's absolutely amazing.

In other news, Jubee has discovered hair accessories.  I put this clip in her hair, and she stared at herself in the mirror for nearly an hour.  Yeah, it's like "The Picture of Dorian Grey" in my house, what with all the mirror staring and primping, except with less murder and suicide and more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching.  That's pretty Faustian, too, though.

My sister is in town visiting, and she twisted Jubee's bangs up and made the clip even cuter:

I don't know why she won't sit still for me to fix her hair, but she'll let Ruthie do it.  Okay, I think I know why...Ruthie has a level of hair-fixing competency I don't have, and Jubee can smell my fear.


  1. aww she's growing up!!!! so cute!

  2. I love a good storm! Her face when she's looking in the mirror is just too cute! I love it!