Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moving And The Chaos That Ensues (And Precedes)

I did the math the other day, and realized that I have moved an average of once every 18-24 months since I was born.  Now, not all of those moves were across the country or anything, some were just down the street, but still, that's a lot of moving in my lifetime.  As a result, I think you could say I'm becoming an packing expert.  

I have one tip for you guys: go to the liquor store to get moving boxes.  They are free, sturdy, clean, and a very good size.  Plus, many come with a cardboard bottle separator insert which is perfect for packing glasses without having to wrap them in tissue paper.  The only problem is that the people helping you move might suspect you are an alcoholic, or may be angry you aren't offering them a margarita for their troubles, since it looks like you have a case of Jose Cuervo somewhere.

Anyway, Cam took the kids to the park twice this weekend, for 1-2 hours each time, and I managed to get the entire kitchen and 75% of everything else packed in that time.  Like I said, I'm pretty much an expert, at this point.  

Here's another quick packing tip: don't have much stuff.  It's the stuff that takes so long to pack.  I figure, if it could be in a box for 6 months without me remembering it, it's not worth keeping (the only exception being my box of Christmas decoration).  Unfortunately, my husband has slight hoarding tendencies, so we aren't quite as spartan as I would like, but that's what marriage is...a compromise.

We get the keys to the new place tomorrow.  The apartment manager is showing the apartment we are currently in this evening.  We have to be out of here by Sunday.  My sister-in-law and her two boys and big dog are all stopping by on their vacation travels.  My sister is coming to stay with us for a few weeks.  It's a little crazy here, let me just tell you.  I'm also not sure how smoothly our internet transition will be, I can't guarantee uninterrupted service so you may not get an update or a movie critique or pictures of my super cute kids for a few days.  Don't cry, though, I'll be back soon enough, until then, here's a random picture for you, of gigantic Hobbit-y kid feet, and mine.

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