Monday, May 21, 2012

Concerning Toothbrushes

You know that moment, the one when you realize your toothbrush is simply too old?  I had a moment like that last week.  I wrote "toothbrush" down on my to-buy-next-time-I-get-to-a-store list, between aluminum foil and laundry detergent.

It's a bittersweet emotion, new toothbrush buying.  On one hand, it's sad to lose something as intimate as the bristly stick I have shoved in my mouth at least twice a day for the last few months, but on the other, there's something so exciting about picking out a new one. And there's so many questions:

What color should I get?

Should I get one that's simply bristles, or should I get one with the rubbery things sticking out of it that I'm pretty sure don't actually do anything except for make the toothbrush cost more?

Does cost = worth in the case of toothbrushes?

Should I go for the simplicity of a simple stick, or do I need an ergonomically-designed toothbrush with rubbery pads that I assume are there to make sure that my fingers don't blister with all my frequent and intense brushing?

Yes, it's a gradual build up of emotion, from the realization to the choosing, culminating in the final, irrevocable moment when the old toothbrush is removed from it's place of honor in the toothbrush holder, replaced, usurped, by the new.

For a week, every time I notice it, I am shocked by the change in toothbrush, and irritated by the difference in bristle stiffness.  Soon, though, I get used to the new toothbrush, it becomes a comfortable old friend, until the cycle begins anew a few months later.

I'm starting to think I may have a slightly obsessive personality.

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