Monday, April 30, 2012

Apartment Hunting

We are down to one month and one day before our lease expires at our apartment here, and since classes at the college are ending soon, the rental market is in upheaval here.

We found a townhome we sort of like here, it is better than our current place because:
1. It has a garage.
2. The space is laid out better.
3. It doesn't have carpet in the dining room and bathrooms.
4. There's no one underneath us (so the tots and I can have dance parties).
5. Though small, it has a backyard (VERY important for the sake of toddlers and BBQs).

There are some cons, though:
1. It's location isn't quite as nice (we wouldn't be able to walk to the park and shops, at least not unless I buy a double stroller big enough for two tall tots).
2. It has 2.5 bathrooms.  I don't want to clean more than 1.5, to be honest.
3. It's boring.  The place we have, though not sanitary-feeling, is a much cooler space.
4. The range in the townhome is awful, an old cheap electric thing.

Unfortunately, I value cleanliness over coolness.  That's the disadvantage of being a parent.

Five years ago, and these amazing built-in book shelves (with library ladder) would've had me...

...but now all I can think of is toddlers trying it.

Yup, that's more me.

We have one more place we are looking at tonight, and if we don't like it, we'll probably go ahead and sign a lease on the townhome.  I'm kind of nervous, though, as soon as we tell our current landlords we aren't renewing our lease (on the 3rd) we have to be available for "showings" here, in other words, the place has to be clean, and we have to be able to evacuate, both of which are pretty difficult with toddlers.  Of course, considering the dozens of houses/apartments we've viewed in the last few weeks, the definition of "clean" is pretty loose.

I'd better pick my dirty underwear off the floor beforehand, though.

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