Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Plans

Yes, I know it's only Thursday, but I'm already making plans for the weekend.  I hate to leave something like "The Weekend" up to chance, you know?

Saturday is going to be 65 and sunny.  It's going to be amazing...we're going for a hike.

This is Turtle Rock.  It's a 3-4 mile hike, less than 20 miles from here.  I'm going to pack a picnic lunch, a thermos full of coffee, and we're going to have a dang good time.  My guess is, it won't be snowy there at 65 degrees and sunny, but it's supposed to still be amazing.  We're gonna take it slow and try to make a day of it.

Another thing on the agenda is house hunting.  This apartment we are in is huge, and kind of fun, but there just something I can't stand about the carpeted baseboards and carpet in the bathrooms.  It just seems unsanitary, am I right?

Plus, there's something nerve-wracking about having two very noisy and stomping toddlers on the top floor of an apartment building.  Also, we pay about $300 more a month for this place than we should, IMHO.  Our lease is up in less than 6 weeks, so the hunt is on!  We can't buy right now, we are just looking to rent...but we are coming up on a great season, when the college students leave and all the leases run out (not necessarily in that order).

I also realized something important about myself in all this: my requirements for a home to buy and my requirements for a home to rent are totally different.  If I'm buying I want something cool and older, full of quirks and character and things to tweak.  If I'm renting, I want something boring and clean and neutral (because obnoxious colors that other people pick out are never the obnoxious colors that I'd pick out).  I would love to buy a home like the apartment we are in now, but I don't like it as a temporary living situation, not one bit.

So, does anyone have any awesome weekend plans to inspire me, or make me super jealous?

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  1. I don't have any awesome weekend plans besides work and unpacking stuff. It will be almost 80 degrees, though! Have fun with your hike and house hunting.