Friday, April 20, 2012


The only problem with being a stay-at-home-mom is that you can't call in sick, whether you're faking or not.

I sure could use a sick day, too.  I got that stomach bug that Cam and Jubee had last week (does it really take a full week to incubate?).  I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say, it's been rough.

After lunch I talked Sammy into taking a nap with me, but he poked me in the eye for 20 minutes until I turned around, and then he kicked my ribs for another hour until I gave up.

The only reason I've survived today is that we got cable last week, and the kids can watch Disney Jr.  Suddenly, a decision that I made very reluctantly seems like the most brilliant thing I've ever done.

The biggest problem with being sick all day isn't actually the illness, anyway, it is the guilt associated with letting your kids watch tv all day, exacerbated by the emotion of the illness.

In other news, my kids have decided that they are puppies.  Very energetic puppies.

So, until Monday, I'll leave you with these pictures of better days, days that didn't involve vomit and a sink full of dishes and 100 episodes of Timmy Time, days like yesterday.

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  1. ugh I think that this is the worst part of motherhood too. Heck I want sick days even when I'm not sick. I would love to just check into a hotel this morning and watch chick flicks netflix all day. Ezra watched a lot of TV yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. And I felt guilty too...but sometimes you have to just have an off day, or two...or a week.