Thursday, April 26, 2012

Potty Training

We were pretty close to being at least #1 trained, most of the time, if I reminded them to go every 20 minutes, before we moved.  After we moved, though, there was a major regression, and they went from being pretty much almost nearly pee-pee potty trained to nothing.

Yesterday, though, we had a break through.  No accidents, we even had toddler-initiated #2 in the potty, which has never happened before.

I'm so relieved, you have no idea.  I'm no longer afraid that they'll be the only 15 year olds still in pullups. In fact, between their sudden interest in enunciation and their newfound love of not going in their pants, most of my mommy worry has dissipated...for now.

We went for a long walk yesterday, over 20 blocks.  We turned in the lease application for a new townhouse and then went to the train tracks, because that's where Sammy loves to go.

And then we went to have a latte.  Well, the kids had milk and cookies.  Mommy had a short latte.  And it was good, perfect really.  You know when a latte is so perfect, naturally sweet and creamy, with no bitter or burned taste from either the milk or the espresso?  Yeah, that nearly never happens, so I add half a pack of raw sugar to mask the icky...but in this case, I regretted adding the sugar, that's how good it was.

Happy Friday Eve everyone!  May your weekend be filled with love, joy, peace, family, friends and other assorted good things.  

Dang, I should work for Hallmark.

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  1. i love the photos by the traintracks! awesome!