Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Conversation with Jubilee

Jubee: Mom! Happy birfday to you!

Me: Oh, thanks.  I mean, it's not my birthday, but thanks anyway.

Jubee:  Mom!  Happy birfday!  Come on!

Me: Okay, just let me finish my chapter.

Jubee:  Mom!  Come on!

Me: Okay, okay.

Jubee (leading me into the living room): See!  Surprise!  Happy birfday!

Me: Your animals want to throw me a birthday party?

Jubee:  Yup!  Present!  Happy birfday!

Me:  Thanks, Jubee.

Jubee:  Cake, Mom?


  1. so cute! my kiddos told my in-laws Happy Birthday when they came last week. it wasn't anyone's birthday. but we did have cake for dessert, then we had another round of "happy birthdays". cake = birthday in our house, apparently.