Thursday, August 16, 2012

On This Day...

Yesterday, Cam was looking at old baby pictures of the kiddos.  I warned him how dangerous that was, but he didn't listen.  And since I'm easily influenced (by people looking at baby photos anyway), I joined in.  Mostly, we were just struck by how different the kids have gotten in the last few years, and I thought I'd share that with you.

This is newborn Sam (with my Daddy):

This is Sam in August 2008.  I think, even at just 8 months old, he looked pretty "Sammy," except for those chubby-wubby cheeks.  So cute.

This is Sam in August 2009, during his "cranky" phase, when Cam was deployed.  I didn't get any good pictures of him from this month.

This is Sam in August 2010.  I love sleeping baby/toddler pictures.

This is Sam in August 2011, after Mommy discovered Instagram, much to her friend's and family's chagrin.  I love his longer hair.

And this was Sam a couple of days ago.  He's so big!

This is newborn Jubee, right after we brought her home from the hospital.  It's amazing to me how much she's changed, more so than Sam.

This is Jubee in August 2009, eating her first banana.  Oh, happy day!

This is Jubee in August 2010, so stinkin' pretty!  She finally got that blond hair in, haha.

This is Jubee in August 2011.  I didn't have any non-blurry pictures from this month of her.  Haha.

And this is Jubee about a week ago.  She still has a love/hate relationship with food, mostly hate.

Just to recap:

Cam disagrees, but actually, all these baby pictures make me NOT want another one.  We had a very long "baby" phase with both kids, and a very long "cranky" phase.  It took me over 4.5 years to get just one outta diapers, and they are both finally starting to communicate clearly.  In fact, I can honestly say, I enjoy the kids more now than ever before.  I love their jokes and their personalities and their silly faces. I love that they can finally tell me what's the matter when they are upset.  I love that they can pick out their own clothes and sometimes pick up their own toys.  

On the other hand, they were dang cute....

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  1. I was just looking at baby pictures of Tristan a few days ago and was thinking of how much she has changed in 7 1/2 years. I too love that they are older but I do want another one, but I'm going to chalk that up to my age and say its my clock ticking lol!