Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Goals for Yesterday Update

So here were my two lists of things to accomplish with sick kids yesterday, the first for during the day, the second for after they were asleep:

1.  Plug in the I said, I'm not totally convinced most of my problem isn't the dryness in the air.  We're at 25% humidity here in Laramie right now, that's pretty dang low.
2.  Watch Disney Junior.
3.  Try not to feel guilty about how much tv the kids are watching.
4.  Eat leftovers.
5.  Rinse.  Repeat.

1.  Take the Pioneer Woman's 1970's Movie Quiz.  I probably won't do very well since I wasn't even born when these movies came out, but I'll give it a shot.
2.  Watch a couple of episodes of Little Dorrit online.  The Pioneer Woman should have a quiz on BBC Miniseries'.  I'd whoop up, fo' realzies.
3.  Eat the rest of the chocolate ganache in my fridge.

As you can see by the crossed-out lines through, I didn't get much done, not even half.  I even forgot to plug the humidifier in.  Actually, it wasn't a complete oversight: every time I thought about it, it was super stuffy and hot in my house for some reason, and plugging in a warm mist humidifier seemed like a bad idea.  Fortunately, the kids didn't watch as much tv as I thought they would, so I left off #5.  They are doing pretty well with their colds, mostly playing quietly with Lego or cars or dolls on the living room rug while the tv is on, but they aren't actually watching it much.  I think it's just comforting background noise.

They were also super funny yesterday, especially Jubee, she was hilarious.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know this already.  Here are a couple of updates for those of you who aren't on FB with me:

Jubee was watching Wall-E just now, and sneezed, getting snot all over her arm. She ran into the kitchen, holding out her arm, and said "Bless ME, Momma?"

I was just now making her a chocolate peanut butter and banana sandwich, and when she saw me putting the slices of banana on the bread she said, "WHAT!? Yum! Imma eat much, much!"

I also ordered her some fall jeans at Children's Place online, on sale, and they came in yesterday.  Jubee had to try them all on, and strike a pose in every one.  Is it my imagination, or does she look like a model in some hipster store?  I definitely need to get her a cooler t-shirt.  And probably a cooler haircut.

The only really awful thing about this whole illness is that I've been having to give them frequent bathings to get the snot out of their hair.  Ick.  Stupid runny noses.

I really have some errands I've been putting off running, but I REALLY need to do this morning.  Taking two sick kids all over town doesn't sound like my idea of a fun time, but, hey, I gotta do what I gotta do.  That's my mantra.  My only real goal for today is to see this at some point:

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