Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting Out of the House

If you were one of the very few people who read my blog post from Friday, you probably extrapolated that I needed to get out of the house this weekend.  So, we did.

We took the kids to the playground:

Afterwards, we went for a bike ride.  I would've taken a picture, but I discovered it's hard to ride a bike and take pictures at the same time.  

Jubee rode in Cam's bike carrier for 3 miles while Sammy rode his bike, and then Sammy rode in the bike carrier with Jubee for another 4 miles.  All that to say, we were pretty dang tired by the time we were done.

Oh yeah, so this funny thing happened...Sammy accidentally rode off the road, and he and his bike rolled 10 feet down a rather steep embankment.  He'd probably have gotten hurt, except there was so much 3-foot tall grass to break his fall.  He thought it was really fun, it took a few minutes to convince him that he shouldn't "do it again."

After naptime, we drove to Fort Collins.  The kids watched Wall-E on the way.

We went to eat at this local pub, it was awesome!  They make root beer milk, the kids loved it!

We colored.  By "we" I mean "Jubee."

And we got chocolate ice cream mustaches.  By "we" I mean "Sam."

And we went walking downtown Fort Collins.  Yes, that is Sam's underwear pulled up so high you can see it above his shorts.  I fixed it shortly after taking this picture.  Ehem.

Anyway, it was a great day!  I'm fairly certain we couldn't have had more fun packed into one day.


  1. Looks like you had a good time; Brett was asking me yesterday if we could go for a drive and when I asked her where she wanted to go she was like 'I don't know I just want to get out of the house!' I know that feeling so after I get off work today I'm going to get them out of the house lol!