Monday, August 13, 2012

The Light at the End of The Tunnel

As many of you know, potty-training has been a HUGE struggle in our house.  I blame it mostly on the frequent moves; as soon as we got close to having some interest, we would have to move and it was back to diapers.  Anyway, that's my excuse for having a 3-and-a-half and 4-and-a-half year old still in pullups.

Blue Steel

Well, no more.  As of this last week, we can officially call Sammy "potty trained!"  It was like a switch flipped, and he was suddenly and voluntarily going on his own.  He's gone a week with no accidents (save one), in "big boy undies."

We spent most of the weekend celebrating Sam's achievement, though it was more for Jubee's sake than Sam's.  We thought if she saw what a big deal it was, she'd be more inclined to try it.

We went to the playground:

Yes, Jubee IS wearing soccer pads.  Soccer starts in a couple of weeks, so we got their gear, and she really wanted to wear them that day.

We went to the wading pool:

We took Sam to the video game store and let him pick out a couple of new (to him) Wii games:

We watercolored:

And we ate banana splits for dinner on Saturday (for real):

Unfortunately, it wasn't a very good weekend anyway, everyone had a cold.  So, we just laid around most of the time.  Oh well, it seemed fun on paper.

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