Friday, August 17, 2012


It is Friday Morning.  Friday:

Do you hear that?  It's a chorus of angels, pretty sure, singing "Hallelujah."

The old prime time TV block on ABC, TGIF, used to get a lot of flack in the Christian community for using "The Lord's Name in vain," but I'm pretty sure it wasn't in vain.   I think it was (and is) a real, legitimate sentiment.  I know I feel it, and I'm not ashamed to say, "Thank God it's Friday!"  That's just basic gratitude, my friend, to the Author of Time and Space, specifically in this case, the time and space taken up by weekends.  Not that one shouldn't be grateful all the time, obviously, but it is much easier when one's heart beats with the cadence of "the weekend's almost here, the weekend's almost here."

But I digress.

I've been up for about two hours already, and have been reading about the relative health benefits of bacon and which cooking oils are best to use while I drink my coffee and the kids watch Bambi.

I wonder if they make venison bacon.  I'd imagine there's not enough fat on a deer belly, but it's worth looking into.

Venison tallow?

Anyway.  I need a plan, a plan for making a perfect weekend.  First and foremost, I need a plan of something to do with the kiddos today while Cam is at work, but then a plan for something to do when he's home.

Did I ever tell you that I'm not a huge fan of August.  I never have been.  Something about my birthday month being over, Christmas still so far away, and school either starting or about to start, August was always the most depressing month to me.  But, we are officially over halfway through this August, and good riddance, I say.  Soon it will be September, the month Fall, my favorite season, begins, the month of birthdays for some of my favorite people.

Well, between being over the hump of August and being nearly finished with this week, I feel like I should be ecstatic, but really I just feel bored.  You know that quote, "only boring people get bored?"  I tend to think that's the sort of saying that's sort of true, some of the time, but pretty applicable to my current situation.  I need something to do.

I suppose the long and the short of all this is: August is boring.  But what should I expect from the only month without a "US Federal Holiday or Special Occasion?"

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